2009-06-13 Job Vacancies            

PAN, Tianshu

Ph.D. in Anthropology (Harvard University),Associate Professor, Director of
Fudan-Harvard Medical Anthropology Collaborative Research Center.




Culture, Health and Medical Humanities, Business Anthropology, Globalization and Local Transformations, Neighborhood Gentrification and Urban Revival, Ethnographic Perspectives on Caregiving-practices in Aging Communities.



2011, Place Matters: An Ethnographic Perspective on Historical Memory, Place Attachment, and Neighborhood Gentrification in Post-reform Shanghai. Chinese Sociology and Anthropology (Vol.43,No.4,Summer 2011).

2011, “An Anthropological Interpretation of McDonalds’ Employees in Shanghai”, Chinese Journal of Sociology, Vol 31.

2009,Rethinking Shanghai Nostalgia,Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences (Vol.2, Number 3,September 2009)

2009,《发展人类学概论》,上海:华东理工大学出版社。(Introduction to Development Anthropology, Shanghai: East China University of Technology Press)

2007,Neighborhood Shanghai,上海:复旦大学出版社。(Neighborhood Shanghai, Shanghai: Fudan University Press)