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SHEN, Yifei

Ph.D. in Sociology (Fudan University), Associate Professor, Havard-Yenching Institute 2007-2009 Visiting Scholar.




Family Research, Gender Research.


Institutional Research on Family Common Property in Shanghai (Young Scholar Project of Ministry of Education)


2011,China in the “Post-Patriarchal Era”:Changes in the Power Relationships in Urban Households and an Analysis of the Course of Gender Inequality in Society, Chinese Sociology and Anthropology (SSCI), vol. 43, no. 4, Summer 2011, pp. 5–23.
2010,社会政策中的“家庭”概念——以上海市世博大礼包政策为例,《社会科学》,2010年12月,总第364期。(The Notion of “Family” and “Household” In Policy Making and Implementation: the Case Of Delivering EXPO Gift Packets, Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 364, No.12, 2010.)
2009, “Technology and Sex/Gender-based Politics in the Cyberspace”, Collection of Women’s Studies, Vol. 90.
2008,《中国特定政策领域中的性别主流化》,上海:上海社会科学院出版社。(Study on Gender Mainstreaming in the Specific Policy Contexts of China: Political Participation, Legal Status and Social Security, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press)
2005,《被建构的女性——当代社会性别理论》,上海:上海人民出版社。(The Women Are Constructed: Contemporary Theory of Gender, Shanghai People’s Publishing House .)