2009-06-13 Job Vacancies            

FAN, Lizhu

Ph.D. in Sociology(Chinese University of Hong Kong),Professor, Vice Dean of School of Social Development and Public Policy.




Sociology of Religion, Chinese Folk Religion, Civil Society and Non-Government Organizations.


“Research on Chinese Religion” (Fudan University “985 Phase III Project, Chief Expert), “Research on Chinese Rural Religious Organization”(Ford Foundation Project),“Research on U.S. Religious Non-Governmental Organizations”(Ministry of Education Project),“Report on Current Status of Chinese Religion”(China United Front Theoretical Research Project).


2007,“研究中国宗教的社会学范式:杨庆堃眼中的中国社会宗教”,《社会》第1期(与金耀基合作)。(“A Research on the Sociological Paradigm of Chinese Religion: Chinese Social Religion from the Perspective of Ching-Kun Yang”, Chinese Journal of Sociology Volume 1, coauthored with Yeo-Chi King)
2005,《当代中国人宗教信仰的变迁:深圳民间宗教信徒的田野研究》,台北:韦伯文化。(Changes on the Current Chinese Religious Beliefs: A Fieldwork Research on Chinese Folk Religious Believers, Taipei: Weibo Cultural Publication.)
2005. “Fate and Fortune: Popular Religion and Moral Capital in Shenzhen.” Journal of Chinese Religion, Vol. 32, February.
2003. “The Cult of Silkworm Mother as a Core of Local Community Religion in a North China Village”. China Quarterly, No.174.
2003. “Popular Religion in Contemporary China”. Social Compass, Vol. 50, 4.